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This blog will be discarded

Note: This blog will be discarded! All entries have been moved to - please update any bookmarks and RSS feeds...

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The programs installed

I already began to loose overview on the software I have installed - so I decided to list everything here! This is the relevant part of my /var/lib/portage/world file (Linux software) - note that I included only end-user software, no utilities or system stuff:
app-office/koffice-meta - all Koffice apps
app-office/openoffice-bin - office suite
app-office/kmymoney2 - personal finance application

Internet / WWW
www-client/mozilla-firefox - browser
net-www/netscape-flash - flash plugin
net-www/mplayerplug-in - mplayer plug in
net-im/skype - IM client
net-irc/kvirc - IRC client
net-ftp/kasablanca - FTP client
net-misc/firstclass-client - tool for Open University conferences
net-p2p/kmldonkey - mldonkey interface

dev-util/eclipse-sdk - Eclipse IDE
dev-util/netbeans - Java IDE
dev-util/kdevelop - KDevelop IDE
app-editors/kile - LaTeX editor
kde-base/umbrello - UML modeler
app-editors/kxmleditor - XML editor

Multimedia / Graphics
media-sound/amarok - music player
media-video/kmplayer - media player
media-video/kplayer - media player
media-sound/audacity - sound editing application
x11-misc/googleearth - the greatest program available!
media-gfx/gimp - Image Editing
kde-base/kpovmodeler - POV modeler
media-gfx/digikam - digital camera software

media-gfx/picasa - Image viewer and organiser
media-gfx/gwenview - image viewer
x11-misc/qcomicbook - tool to view CBR files
app-text/acroread - for some files that KPDF has difficulties with
app-doc/kchmviewer - tool to view CHM (MS Help) files

Utilities / System tools
app-emulation/vmware-server - for my virtual XP environment
kde-misc/krusader - nice command shell, similar to MC / Norton Commander
kde-misc/yakuake - console
net-misc/kssh - SSH for Konsole
app-admin/conky - nice system info tool
media-tv/tvbrowser - view TV programs
app-cdr/k3b - CD burning application
kde-misc/filelight - tool to view file / directory sizes

And here the Windows software:

Internet / WWW
Internet Explorer 7 - Microsofts browser... comes with Windows
Adobe Flash Player - the Flash plugin
Nettalk - IRC client
sancho - mldonkey interface
Skype - IM client

Multimedia / Graphics
DVD-Profiler - have all DVDs ordered
Audacity - Audio editor
Google Earth - see above...
iTunes - I own an iPod
Paint Shop Pro 8 - commercial Graphics suite - I bought this one, and the updates are too expensive...
Picasa - see above...
Media Player 11 - comes with Windows...

Adobe Reader - see above
CDisplay - for viewing CBR files
GSpot Codec Information - important when some video or audio file won't play

Utilities / System Tools
7-Zip - packer / unpacker
Ashampoo Firewall - Windows' own firewall is crap
AVG - Virus scanner
CMDHere Powertoy - system enhancement
CutePDF Writer - create PDFs
Desktop Sidebar - a sidebar similar to Vista's

Nero 7 Essentials - Commercial CD buring app (was bundled with my new system)
Crystal Clear Pack - changes the way XP looks
PuTTY - SSH client
TaskSwitchXP - system enhancement
Tweak UI - system enhancement
Visual Task Tips - system enhancement
xplorer2 lite - replacement for the Windows explorer
Yahoo Widgets - get some nice widgets on the desktop

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Fonts & Beryl

Now, I am into giving my system the last tweaks and bits to look absolutely gorgeous. :)

Somehow I was not at all satisfied with my fonts setting. By accident I saw a screenshot of some very nice fonts in the forums; I therefore altered my /etc/fonts/local.conf as given in the corresponding entry. Wow! (Note that I left the fonts to the Bitstream Vera ones - the others suggested in the post did not look good on my screen, for whatever reason...)

Also, following the wiki entry on Gentoo Xeffects, I made my beryl to autostart and to take over from KWin. However, I did not have a file called /etc/env.d/99kde-env; looking at the Beryl entry on the Gentoo-Wiki made clear that I had to alter the file /etc/env.d/45kdepaths-3.5.

Note: KDE just crashed again - similar to described in an earlier entry; I don't really understand what's going on, but I will definitively keep an eye on this!

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I finally wanted to have Beryl and all the nice stuff on my desktop - in fact, that was one of the reasons to get a new box... :)

First, I made sure I had the latest nvidia-drivers and that all settings in Xorg.conf are ok - there is a good post in the gentoo xeffects wiki. I also had a look at the nvidia-entry in the gentoo-wiki. Turned out that I had to add the Composite part in the extensions section.

I then added these entries to /etc/portage/package.keywords:
x11-libs/startup-notification ~x86
x11-apps/xlsclients ~x86
x11-apps/xvinfo ~x86
dev-python/pyrex ~x86
x11-wm/beryl-core ~x86
x11-misc/beryl-manager ~x86
x11-plugins/beryl-plugins ~x86
x11-misc/beryl-settings-bindings ~x86
x11-wm/aquamarine ~x86
x11-misc/beryl-settings ~x86
x11-wm/beryl ~x86

After emerging beryl, I made sure that my KDE settings were set according to the Beryl entry in the Gentoo wiki. Then, I started the beryl-manager and immediately made sure that it is set for good performance on nvidia as described in the mentioned nvidia entry on the Gentoo xeffects wiki.
I won't configure beryl to autostart yet - just tweak around with the settings.

In the meantime, I have found out that java has some problems when being run on beryl; the workaround found on the forums is to add this line to .bashrc:
export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit

With this being done, beryl is now working perfectly. It will be tested for a few days and then I'll make the switch completely and permanent.

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conky finalised and vmware changed to server

Today, I finalised my .conkyrc file - go to the screenshots to have a look at it (screenshot April clean).

Also, I had problems with my vmware; the WinXP inside it behaved funny. So I decided to change to vmware-server and to create the image file anew. Therefore, I unmerged vmware-player and emerged vmware-server. I followed the great howto on Gentoo-Wiki (note that I had to register for vmware-server in order to obtain a serial number).
I then created a new virtual machine with 8GB diskspace in /var.
Everything works as designed... and planned - time for another WinXP installation. :)

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Get the sensors running

Today, I made an attempt to get my sensors up and running.
There is a good post in the forums relating to the P5B-E.

Step by step, here's what I did:
The sources for the patches did not work on my system; the original author of the post above provided his, and I have stored them here, here and here for convenience.
Then, I backuped my kernel (just copied the directory recursively) and patched it like this:
sudo patch -p1 -i ../jdelvare-hwmon-hwmon-w83627ehf-add-w83627dhg-support.patch
sudo patch -p1 -i ../hwmon-coretemp-new-driver.patch
sudo patch -p1 -i ../hwmon-coretemp-documentation.patch

After that, I entered kernel configuration with make menuconfig.
First, the eeprom option:
Device Drivers -->
I2C Support -->
Miscellaneous I2C Chip support -->

(and added eeprom to /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6)

Then under
Device Drivers -->
Hardware Monitoring Support -->
Intel Core 2 Duo/Solo temperature support
Winbond W83627EHF

In /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6, I made sure that these entries are present:

Then, I made the kernel and added sys-apps/lm_sensors to /etc/portage/package.keywords (with the ~x86 keyword, of course).

sensors-detect shows the sensors now; and sensors give an output! So everything is up and running; I now just have to adjust .conkyrc similar to the one in the post mentioned. Voila - the sensors are up and running!

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Repair stuff and install custom ebuild

Today, my new KDE crashed again on my new system, I decided to do something about it. According to this post, I have several possibilities; I went for the last one. So, I changed the CFLAGS in /etc/make.conf to have -O2 instead of -Os (probably I should recompile my whole system now...) and recompiled xorg-server, xorg-x11 and everything in x11-base and x11-libs. Took a while.......

Now, let's hope everything goes well!

I also installed GIMP today, and Firstclass. For the later, there is no official ebuild, but I found something on I adjusted the ebuild to install the latest version of the Firstclass client and also attached my new ebuild to

That's it for today!

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